Eugenio Berzal
Web Designer & Front-End Dev

I design and code HTML & CSS all day long.
I believe I can help you take your product to the next level, by crafting something you and I will be proud of.


UX/UI design & front-end • Feb '14 - Dec '15
This is what I did for Olapic
  • UX/UI for Bstriker ALTM QA test management & automation tool.
  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript implementations of web application including integrated chat, notification system, user profiles & more.
  • Information architecture & mockups for testing social network linked to the test manager.
  • Analytic dashboards and reports.
  • Media queries optimizations for tablet use.
  • Notification E-mails.
  • Ads & Banners.
  • Project view of Bstriker ALTM
  • test Plan view of Bstriker ALTM
  • Dashboard for Bstriker ALTM tests
  • Automation tool for automated test cases of Bstriker ALTM Automation tool for automated test cases of Bstriker ALTM
  • Integrated chat of Bstriker ALTM


UX/UI design & front-end • Mar '12 - Nov '13
This is what I did for Olapic
  • UX/UI for Photo Streams & Photo Streams for Facebook.
  • HTML & CSS implementations.
  • UX/UI and coding of Photo Viewers, Embeddable Widgets & Photo Uploaders.
  • Information Architecture and UX for Analytics and A/B Testing tools.
  • Two company websites from scratch & front-end development for a 3rd website.
  • Fluid layouts, Media Queries and Mobile optimizations for company websites, Photo Viewers & Widgets.
  • Implementation and custom designs for clients like Nikon, Pepsi, Reef, Guess, ESPN, Alex and Ani & more.
  • Collaborations and integrations with JetBlue, Ny Giants, Nasty Gal, Free People, Lululemon, Coastal, Threadless, New Balance, Intrepid Museum, Dannijo & more.
  • Notification E-mails.
  • Ads & Banners.
  • Mobile design implemention for Alex and Ani at Olapic
  • Facebook app implemention for Nikon at Olapic
  • Photo Uploader designed for Olapic
  • Campaign page implemented for Pepsi at Olapic
  • Campaign page implemented for Reef at Olapic
  • Product Search design for Olapic
  • Implementation of Olapic website